Absolute dating science

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The duke aspired to marry Queen Elizabeth of England.

During one of the duke’s trips to London, Bodin accompanied him.

He was therefore born in either 1529 or 1530, the youngest of seven children, four of whom were girls.

Bodin’s father, Guillaume Bodin, was a wealthy merchant and a member of the bourgeoisie of Angers.

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His reputation is largely based on his account of sovereignty which he formulated in the Six Books of the Commonwealth.Natural philosophy and religion where intimately correlated for Bodin.Furthermore, he sought to reform the judicial system of France, and he formulated one of the earliest versions of the quantitative theory of money.He was given a Catholic burial in the Franciscan church of Laon.Bodin’s Methodus ad facilem historiarum cognitionem (Method for the Easy Comprehension of History) was first published in 1566, and revised in 1572.

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