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The hydrographic network of Albania includes several of the largest and most ancient bodies of freshwater in Southern Europe.

Lake Shkodër is located on the border between Albania and Montenegro, with an area that seasonally can vary between 370 km These include 2 strict nature reserves, 14 national parks, 1 marine park, 8 archaeological parks, 750 natural monuments, 22 habitat/species management areas, 5 protected landscapes, 4 protected landscapes, 4 managed resources areas and 4 ramsar wetlands.

The western border 446 kilometres (277 mi) is maritime and encompasses the Albanian Adriatic Sea Coast from Buna River in the north near the city of Shkodër up to the Bay of Vlorë and the Albanian Riviera, where the Ionian Sea to the border with Greece.

In 2016, Albania had a population of 2.87 million (1,46 million males and 1,42 million females), ranking 136th in the world by population.

In the north and the northeast mountainous sections, the border connects high points and follows mountain ridges through the largely inaccessible Albanian Alps.

For the most part, there is no natural boundary from the highlands to the Adriatics, although Lake of Shkodër and a portion of the Buna River south of it were used to mark the northwest border with Montenegro.

Perhaps this is Gahan's pleasant way of saying "sorry, Bob, but your own mayoral ambitions just ain't happening.") Al (Knable) brought it up at the beginning of the meeting.

He said he'd talked to the Mayor about it, and also talked to Duggins.

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On second thought, it might interest a newspaper's editorial board, too.

Albania covers a territory of 28,748 km It lies mostly between latitudes 42° and 39° N, and longitudes 21° and 19° E.

The country shares borders with Montenegro in the northwest, Kosovo in the northeast, Macedonia in the east and Greece in the south.

Here's where a newspaper reporter might start -- because see, there was a discussion at a council meeting about a tawdry lapse by a public official, at which it was divulged that the council's current president has discussed the issue with the mayor, who as yet has had nothing to say about it.

The Geography of Albania is defined by its location.

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