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The city worshipped a tamed sacred crocodile, named Petsuchos, that was adorned with gold and gem pendants.

The crocodile lived in a special temple pond and was fed by the priests with food provided by visitors.

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In consequence, the Greeks named it Crocodilopolis, "Crocodile City", from the particular reverence paid by its inhabitants to crocodiles.

The story goes that he hung pieces of meat up all around Cairo.

Everywhere the meat spoilt within a day, with the exception of the Citadel area where it remained fresh for several days.

To distinguish it from other cities of the same name, it was called Arsinoë in Arcadia.

With the arrival of Christianity, Arsinoe became the seat of a bishopric, a suffragan of the Oxyrhynchus, the capital of the province and the metropolitan see.

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