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They are vivacious and love singing and dancing to the accompaniment of the launedda , the ancient tibia.In the environs of Gallura the people meet together in the winter evenings and practise improvisation.In historic times the people of Sardinia have undergone less amalgamation than any other Italian population.According to the ancient geographers, the primitive population of Sardinia was akin to the Libyans; Iberians, Greeks, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, and Italians came later.

The seas abound in fish of every kind, sardines, anchovies, and especially tunny-fish, of which more than 661,386 pounds are exported annually. Pietro, the Gulfs of Palmas, Asinara, Oristano, and Cape Caxbonara there are extensive beds of coral, 5512 pounds of which are exported each year.The most striking characteristic of the Sardinian language is that, while throughout the peninsula of Italy the article is derived from the Latin pronoun ille ( il, lo, la, 'o, 'u ), in Sardinian it is derived from ipse ( su , masculine; sa , feminine).In the neighbourhood of Alghero, Catalan is spoken.The small Sardinian ass is in great demand as a pet on the peninsula.Oxen are used in ploughing, the beef is good, but the milk supply very short.

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