Celebrity sex scam

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If it does, you’re sure to come across heated online discussions on the new addition’s pros and cons.If, once you click to see the wonder, you get stuck in a sea of blind likes and shares, the button is definitely a false promise.The Facebook crowd loves tradition (just think how many hearts were broken by the appearance of the Timeline) so any change to platform functionalities is sure to be debated at length.Again, just double-check whether the thing you want to install actually exists.If true, then the story should have made at least one headline.If not, chances are you’ll find out it’s all a lie. Like and share schemes using atrocious images (maimed animals, suffering children) Social networks are known to have played an essential role in coagulating social movements or in raising awareness about various causes.Another masseur who heard about the case also standed out and tell the news-reporters that she is also a victim of Travolta's assaults.

Curiosity is the name of the plague and unless you simply don’t give any animal’s rear end about the topic at hand, you’re pretty much a sitting duck for this kind of scam. See sex tape/naked photos of [celebrity x] Leaked videos or photos that seem to answer any voyeur’s prayers? Or, if you cannot hold your clicking pants on, just make sure what follows is not just another one of those “take this quiz” or “install this exe” tricks.

Otherwise you may get “lucky” in more ways than one! To see [hot topic of the day] install browser extension/add-on or youtube/flashplayer update No matter what the pretext, the scam’s not over ‘till you install something. To deal with this kind of situation, just uninstall the fake browser extension/add-on.

This is the only thing that will end the hijack and allow you to access your account.

Stalkers, peekers, greatest admirers, exes haunting you, people with a secret crush on you…simple statistics of your profile visitors (broken down by gender)…is the social engineering arsenal that resurfaces now and then.

It’s a never ending story still riding high and reeling in hundreds of users.

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