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When we set up we decide our selling point will be our reliability and honesty and although it was hard at first we soon started to prove to breeders we are here to stay. No.: 01237431589, Email: [email protected] Web Address: Cheesley Chickens, Chippenham, Wiltshire. We have available hatching eggs, chicks and chickens in most colours of pekin and wyandotte bantams throughout the year.

I also have several breeding projects including Chocolate Silver Laced, Blue Silver Laced Bantams and Chocolate Cuckoo large fowl.

Feed and bedding available - Local delivery possible. We provide Day Old's, POL, Pairs, Trio's Quartets and more. Small supplies of hatching eggs, chicks, growers to pol available in season. Bantams: Pekin White, Buff, Partridge and Polish, Dutch. Please contact me for more info , We are often on the mainland, and can deliver to specific pick up points. There's a wide variety of units ready for you to take away today. The Gold Laced Orpington is a striking bird with beautiful distinct lacing.

Ducks: Cherry Valley, Buff Orpington, Khaki Campbells. If you're just starting out we also have helpful and friendly staff on hand to assist you in making those all important first choices. Comparatively rare, they have only been in the uk for about 7-8 years being brought in from belgium and germany.

Hatching egg, growers and adult Orpingtons usually available.

07778334817 Email : [email protected] : Kent Chickens, Rochester, Kent.

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