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Except the bots aren’t people; they’re brands like H&M or Whole Foods, and they’re there to serve up things like outfit recommendations and recipe ideas, depending on the keywords that you type. New interfaces, after all, tend to have an outsize effect on the tech industry.

They also, crucially, allow retailers, services, and a host of other companies to engage mobile users, like Emma, on the platforms where they’re already spending so much time—especially since users’ appetites for new apps has dwindled. It was Apple’s unveiling of the graphical user interface and the mouse that set IBM on its long retreat from PC dominance.

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Perhaps no one knows this better than Ted Livingston, the founder of the chat app Kik, which has an estimated 300 million users around the world—among them, 40% of American teens, according to the company.

Boyish and bro-ish, the 28-year-old Livingston was early to spot the potential of messaging, but has yet to cash in on it.

It’s no accident that Facebook’s head of messaging is David Marcus, who was previously Pay Pal’s president.

If you’re in Messenger or a number of other messaging platforms, you can connect with bots much as you would with other users. The potential for bots to serve as app replacements has inspired companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, and others to bet on messaging as an altogether new way of interacting with the web.

It’s now letting developers create their own bots on Messenger—the clothing company Everlane, for example, lets you track your order via bot.

(Whats App, for its part, has remained a messaging service, with no business bots.) Facebook has introduced a button for third-party web pages that can bounce users to a bot in Messenger, allowing them to chat with customer service or complete purchases.

Today in China, there are 10 million business accounts on We Chat and millions of apps as well.

Businesses often launch with a bot on We Chat—and skip the web page entirely. is that people are used to using their phones in certain ways,” says Derrick Connell, the corporate vice president for search at Microsoft, whose Chinese-language search bot, Xiaoice, has amassed more than 20 million users across a half dozen social media platforms and chat apps.

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