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A technical sourcing department with global contacts and network is available for customers’ needs.

Key quality systems complied which include: ISO 9001, GTDP, ESAD, MSQ, MAQ and Responsible care Distributor Ceda Chemicals is one of the leading chemical distribution companies in the UK, providing unparalleled levels of service to our suppliers and customers alike.

The company supplies a wide range of industries: toiletries and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, contract packing, cleaning, surface coatings and chemical manufacturing.

The company also operates the last independent gin distillery in the United Kingdom.

Formed in 1955, the company is a member of the family-owned Palmer Group.

Distributor Brenntag UK & Ireland is the market leader in bulk and packaged chemical distribution - our strength is our national network of distribution, storage, and specialty sites.With Leeds headquarters, the company serves 18,000 customers nationwide from 18 strategic sites; including 12 distribution depots, 6 specialty sites and a Chlor-Alkali manufacturing site, as well as sea-fed terminals on the Humber Estuary and in Northern Ireland.Combined, we are confident in our value proposition to offer: Local Service - National Infrastructure - Global Position Distributor Surfactants; complexing agents; dispersing agents; metal surface treatment chemicals; performance polymers; waxes; biocides; products for water treatment; dispersions/powders/additives; pigments/dyes/preparations; corrosion inhibitors; products for the paper, textile and leather industries; superabsorbent polymers.We provide chemicals, equipment and services to improve the management of water and fuel used for steam generation, process cooling and air conditioning and effluent clarification.Our aim is to work in partnership with our customers to increase process efficiency, reduce downtime and drastically improve cost effectiveness wherever water is used.

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