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It could be an account creation form, feedback form, or any kind of information registration form etc. Client-Side Form Validation This type of form validation is done at browser level, i.e., handling simple constraint validations; e.g.Since the data required on forms is input by end-users, it is the responsibility of a web engineer to ensure the kind of information the end-user is allowed to register. - checking empty input fields, identifying valid email address, verification of password constraints etc.Consider the following view model (we will use this in the sample project): This class is already set up to handle server-side validation using attributes.Unobtrusive Validation allows us to take the already-existing validation attributes and use them client-side to make our user experience that much nicer.The sample code is being developed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise. Create a new MVC web project and name it as "Jquery Form Validator".Make sure that you have installed the following two Java Scripts into your "Scripts" folder i.e. I have simply created "Register" method for both, HTTP Get and HTTP Post methods.

You can download the complete source code for this article or you can follow the step by step discussion below.

This will help MVC 5 platform to identify any invalid basic input from end-user.

Now, open "_Layout.cshtml" file from "Shared" folder and replace the code with following.

Of course, so far all the validation we've been doing so far in this demo has been server-side.

To enable client-side validation, we have to include the "jquery.validate.unobtrusive" bundle in our view.

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