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c) post the name of your device here, maybe with an email address, and see if anyone can help.

a) is a good solution if cost is OK for you and especially if you think you will need to use the service again at some time.

As long as the devices remain within about 10 meters of one another, the headset and the mouse will work nicely without any obnoxious wires getting in your way.

For drivers, Bluetooth could be a saviour, especially if teamed up with voice recognition technology.

More and more we're carrying our electronic information devices with us: mobile phones, handheld computers, MP3 players, and even DVD players.

A society that is hooked on being connected wants to be connected everywhere - in our homes, at the office, in the car and even when we're walking about.

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Does anyone know if there is such a thing as a bluetooth device that does not require an pc with operating system or any drivers? I have already found the next dongle I want to buy, with better support, and one thing is sure, it isn't Blue Soleil.

upon my upgrade to win vista, the setup failed to install. pls send me a compatible install file or direct me to a site i can download for free. Faisal, if you have lost the CD the best is to contact the manufacturer of the device to see if you can get a replacement (I had no luck with this for windows XP! Otherwise you could -- a) join our Pro subscription service with huge database of drivers and technical support, etc.

or b) hunt around the net in hopes someone has the drivers for you device.

This technology will enable drivers to talk to their Bluetooth -enabled devices rather than having to take their eyes off the road to push buttons and twist knobs.

In addition, voice recognition technology could possibly enable automakers to do away with expensive screens or touch input displays.

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