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But it is something important for us all to be able to do. Their mission is to provide affordable access to high-quality reproductive health products for women and girls around the world through a sustainable value chain, empowering them to make and act on safe choices.

San Diego based @Hawthorne Castro Hawthorne Direct Linked In Hawthorne Direct grew up as a company centered on the fame of her father, Tim Hawthorne.

Julie’s branding has resulted in her becoming a Spokesperson for Clorox, a dating expert for Facebook, (Julie created Facebook Love Stories) and a relationship expert for Bloomingdales for special events.

Vice President and Head of Strategic Corporate Communications and Marketing, Broadcast Music, Inc.

Los Angeles based @Linda Sherman Linda Linked In Kauai based Related Articles and Posts About This Panel: Digital Hollywood session agenda with extended bios of the attendees Press release by Hawthorne Direct Update: As promised during the panel, I added to the resources here.

Resources: Reinventing You by Dorie Clark Defending Your Personal Brand Online – When Should You Respond?

It also allows me to get to know some pretty terrific people. How To Find Our Personal Branding Panel When: October 23, am Where: Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey, The Ballroom Terrace What: Women Entrepreneurs: Building the Brand, the Personal and the Company Identity – Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling Sharing on Social Media: #DH2013 appears to be the hashtag of choice. Debra is a leader with the WIN (Womens’ International Network), a small part of YPO (because of the small percentage of women). I highly recommend that you take a look at YPO, if you think you may qualify.

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From Valentine’s Day to the latest tech breakthrough, when the topic is online dating, the press calls Julie.

My moderation style is to interview each of the panelists before a panel. The panelists @Debra Lynn Fine Linked In Debra Fine’s leadership participation in YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization) is an important element in her personal brand.

I find this allows me to ferret out stories in advance and enables me to lead a quick moving interactive panel with meaty content. Our panel has some hot topics in store: – Personal Branding – Gender issues, female empowerment, women in the workplace – Startups, entrepreneurial branding – Why you should write a book – The benefits of being a contributing author to a high profile blog such as Huffington Post or Forbes – Transitioning your personal brand as interests and circumstances change – Why you should be building social media networks in your name – The benefits of private networks such as Lean In and YPO – The power of mastering a foreign language – Rebranding a company – Controversy, including: Should a company have experts and strong personalities as social media spokespeople for the company. Two of our panelists say no and their reasons are worth listening to. #DHFall is the hashtag that we got with the speaker package and also in use. Because this private network is private, there is little that we can see except for their public Facebook Page.

The official name of this track is: Women’s Entertainment and Technology Summit.

If you are in Los Angeles, I hope you will be joining us!

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